7 simple packing tips & tricks

Before we even get started let me lay out the scene for you: you’re leaving for your two week trip to Greece (insert other mountain, beach, or equally beautiful vacation destination here) next week. This is so exciting!!

Let’s be real though, you’re leaving tomorrow, because you procrastinated.. But we can talk about that later.

First of all, take everything you’ve got laid out on your bed, and put half of it back. Yes, you read that right, half of it. Right now you’re thinking i’m crazy, and that’s okay. When you’re tired of dragging around your oversized, over packed, luggage on stairs and cobblestoned roads, you’ll remember reading this. And you’ll pack better next time.

  1. Roll don’t fold! You can fit a month’s worth of clothes into small luggage if you pack smarter, not harder. Rolled clothes take up less space than folded ones, and when done correctly, they also wrinkle less! Smell good tip: layer in dryer sheets for freshness.
  2. Use packing cubes! Use packing cubes to utilize space and keep things organized. Be sure to bring an extra one for dirty clothes during your journey. I personally love my mesh bags from ebags.com.
  3. Maximize your space! Make the most of any empty space by packing socks, underwear, tank tops, etc inside boots & shoes to save room.
  4. Pack outfits, not items! Everything you pack should have more than one purpose. Can that skirt also be a dress? Can your Chuck Taylors get paired with a dress as well as sporty shorts? You should try to only pack things that can be worn with multiple intentions.
  5. Always have travel toiletries ready to go! Any frequent traveler should have a bag of ready-to-go toiletries that they can grab at any time. I keep a bag under my bathroom sink at all times with travel friendly shampoo, conditioner, Rodan + Fields skin care regimen of choice, lotion, body wash and condoms. I always know I can grab this bag and be ready to hop on a flight anytime.
  6. Know your airline’s baggage policy! There are few things worse than being surprised at the check in counter with a $50 baggage fee. Know your airlines policy on personal items, carry-ons, and checked luggage to avoid any surprise fees
  7. What about your carry-on? You should always have all of your essentials with you. So no matter if this means medications, electronics, your confirmation for your next travel destination, or your travel visa—if you’d be devastated, or completely screwed without it, then keep it on your person.



3 thoughts on “7 simple packing tips & tricks”

  1. These tips are so helpful! I never considered stuffing footwear with other things to maximize space. Packing outfits is another thing that I never really considered, but for me 2 pairs of jeans and 5 tee shirts is 10 outfits.

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